The Company

Once upon a time....
It’s a simple story.  Girl works in office for companies and tires of cubicle land,  the monotony of 9-5 schedules, and adhering to rules that don’t apply to her. Dreams of an easier schedule to raise two children with and a desk she can access 24-hours a day runs rampant through her head.
An amazing opportunity is provided, a home office is made and Simply Graphic is born. Hello late nights and flexibility working on projects, goodbye commute and time cards.

Simply Graphic
The goal of Simply Graphic is in the name. I deliver a service that meets your need, making it easy for you.  I love getting to be the direct and only person that deals with my clients. I get to ask the questions, dig in and get the project done.  Being my own boss means you have to figure out all the hard stuff, but I get all the rewards.

Our goal
I listen to you.  Communicating your product or service is an important part to the success of your business and I’m ready to help you.  I offer creative solutions for any project.
Who said great design has to cost a lot of money and time?  We help small businesses successfully market their products and services to their audience using the best communication tools.  What does that mean to you?  Taking the big bucks and drama out. Really listening to clients to understand the message they need everyone to hear. Incorporating great layout that match your ideas, your vision, your dream.  Listening.  Delivering quality design on a timely schedule, your schedule.

The process
Via e-mail, phone, or a face-to-face meeting, you tell me about your company, your customers, and what you want to achieve.  You tell me the deadlines, contacts, and what photos, text, logos or any other artwork you might want to use.
I ask questions about what you really want to say in your project.  Once you've told me all the details, and we establish a time line, I get to work providing you with creative ideas for your project.  You'll get a proof and we'll go from there making it exactly what you want, with as many changes as you need.
Once approved I will submit the finished files to whatever printer or company it goes to and follow-up to make sure everything works as it should.  I am your liaison to the printer and can get pricing before the project starts, and help you understand their lingo.

Please call or e-mail me for hourly & flat rates.  I can give you a quote once I see what you need.